Christmas cards

Christmas is almost here, and we hope you are done with all the holiday shopping. If you are not done yet, you might want to consider Christmas cards (even along with the gifts) to your loved ones. Sending a physical Christmas card is way better than sending a forwarded Christmas email or sharing a generic Christmas greetings message on social media. Curious to know why? Read on to know the top reasons why physical Christmas cards are still so popular.

  • The Appeal is Still There

In a time where buzzing and pinging digital devices are all around us, sending a physical Christmas card or receiving one has a lot of appeals. People who send it feel like they are going the extra mile for the receiver and feel happiness, and people who receive it also feel that they are special as someone has bothered to send them a physical card.

  • It’s Great for Meaningful Connections

Sending a personalized card for Christmas is still more meaningful than any digital greeting. Many people who use email greetings as a replacement don’t think they are making the same meaningful connection. In the world of technology, meaningful connections still matter and will always do.

  • Old-School People Love Them

Before technology surrounded us, people used to send physical Christmas cards to everyone who mattered at least once a year. This was a task that they looked forward to and found joy in. Old-school people are still clinging to that little tradition. They look forward to sending physical Christmas cards and receiving the same. It brings them the joy that no forwarded digital message could ever bring.

  • Spreading the Cheer

Many people, including old-school people and millennials, recognize that Christmas cards bring a lot of cheer to their lives. When you send or receive a card, the smile that comes over your face is priceless. It is enough to make someone look forward to the festivities and feel more energized. We all need a bit of extra cheer in COVID-19 times when people are so scared of the new variants, won’t you agree?

  • Customized Cards are in Demand

With the changing of times, the way we buy and send cards has also changed. Now, people are looking for more customized cards, which is why publishers of greeting cards are trying to innovate. People are looking for cards that feel like they were written for them and their relationship.

  • Not a Gift but Feels Like One

People who receive physical greeting cards have admitted that they know that a greeting card is not a gift, but it still feels like one. Many people have the habit of considering the cards as a keepsake that they can look at even after years have passed and smile at.

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