5 reasons why Greeting Cards make every occasion Special

Greeting Cards

Greeting’s card is for all seasons and various reasons, and they are guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of the receiver. Everyone loves hearing a kind word being spoken to them, that makes them feel special and appreciated. That which cannot be expressed orally, can be penned beautifully in a note and those words will remain with recipient forever. Here are 5 reasons why Greeting Cards make every occasion special.

  1. The images – whether it is witty or serious, the imagery on greeting cards is designed to evoke emotional response that is drawn from a connection. So, if a daughter gifts her father a greeting card with an image of a teddy bear in a car, she is probably drawing on a special memory of a trip with her dad.
  2. All that glitters – who does not remember the thrill at the sight of glitter on greeting cards when they first came in the market. The sparkling dust used to adhere to the fingers, leaving a sheen behind any surface it met. Yet, there would be enough sparkles on the card to keep it glittering while it rested on the mantle.
  3. The special messages – the printed messages on greeting cards are thoughtfully composed to stir memories of good times and promises of better days ahead, full of hope and affection. Whether it is to show sympathy for loss, may be not making the cut to one’s desired college or to celebrate success on graduating high school, the greeting card messages always strike a chord.
  4. Write your own message – a personal message that one adds, composing their wishes and etching them on the card with their signature is one of the most thoughtful gestures. The magic of the written words can never fade and inspire the recipient. Write a message for a friend, a note saying a simple ‘Thank You” or ‘I love you” and hand them the card and you will be amazed at how you have stirred their affection and made them feel special.
  5. The imagery of a greeting card – a bouquet or a gift looks impersonal or transactional without the personal touch of a note with the givers signature. If you add to it a beautiful greeting card, the recipient will know that the gift giver has put real though into selecting the gift or flowers for the bouquet and value it more. A greeting card is a special space where you can write the words that you can probably not say may be because the gift is being handed at a party or gathering and one does not have the time or space for interaction.

Whether it is a wedding, birthday, graduation, special day, or memorable occasion, a greeting card is a small space where a small paragraph can bring the receiver a world of joy.

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