5 Greeting Card Worthy Occasions and what to say

Greeting cards are the medium that helps a person express themselves beautifully in words even if they themselves are not good at expressing themselves. Greeting cards are designed by artists who use their imagination to create artistic imagery that not only pleases one’s eye but touches one’s soul. The words written in them are sourced from various authors and poets around the world who have real talent for weaving words into a beautiful tapestry that expresses joy, sorrow, and hope among other emotions. Here are 5 Greeting Card Worthy Occasions and what to say through them.

  1. It’s a birthday – you cannot go to a birthday and not have greeting card for the birthday boy or girl. No matter how beautiful and thoughtful your gift is, it cannot express your thoughts for you. One can add a note of hope that whatever the person desires, they get it and always shine in their best qualities that makes them special.
  2. It’s a special day – whether it is baptism, graduation, first day of school or the day of retirement, these are landmark days that must be commemorated with a thoughtful greeting card. You can write a powerful note that speaks of a successful future and wonderful days ahead. Speak about what the person means to you or the days you spent together. Everyone loves a beautiful anecdote.
  3. You have something important to say – you may want to apologies or express your affection. You would like to say goodbye or extend an invitation. Say it with a beautiful greeting card, pouring in your thoughts for them and desire that they be part of your life and you can be for them in the good and bad times.
  4. You want to express condolences – if you are unable to visit personally but want the person to know your thought are with them in their difficult time, then send them a condolence card expressing your sorrow and regret. You can put in words of encouragement and sympathy, share with them an anecdote or quote that helped you get over your loss.
  5. A commemoration card – you can pen a note commemorating a special moment, day or event and making a beautiful written record of it that they can cherish. You can write about the joy you feel and what you expect the future to hold. You can capture the feeling of contentment and happiness at having been a part of the person’s special moment.

A greeting card can express in vivid words and imagery what a person is feeling and the special moments they have shared with those whom they are penning a note for. For those who do not know how to express their thoughts in words, they will certainly find a card that does it for them, succinctly.

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